About us


Starting up in 1991 with Gotoxy AV-Media we have delved into the fascinating world of the 3rd dimension and been mesmerized ever since.


We offer the whole lot - transform ideas into viable conceptions being finalized or supply tiny parts to your production. Our profound service and high-end quality can be guaranteed in any required data format.


Due to the high speed technical advances we are broadening our range of services constantly to present your product or issue in an unique manner.


The possibilities of applications are almost unlimited - so you just have to choose.







Right from the start of your project our Consultancy helps to optimize your workflow and thus to save time and reduce costs during production.





Stately old pile - Cutting Edge Technology


Contact us at our studios in the neo-baroque complex of the former „Resi-Schmelz-Werke“ in the North-East of Nürnberg  -

easy to reach & easy to park